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    How to change the world

    image by kaneda99

    I saw this reeeally interesting manual in December's edition of Superinteressante (a magazine of cultural and scientific facts published here in Brazil) and I thought I could post some tips here.


    Tips for the ones that already recycle, but has this crazy desire to do more.

    PART I - Plan

    1 - Identify the problem. To feel motivated to fight for some change, we need to believe on it. Feel free to research on the subject, listen to other opinions and analyze if your position is consistent.

    2 - Get alliances or people that already fight for your idea. Check if it is part of the UN Millenium Development Goals.

    3 - Get numbers and examples. Make your work clear: create a website discussing the issue and let readers comment and share their experiences.

    PART II - Act

    4 - Enlarge your fight. With a consistent data and history basis, disseminate. Here, you can use heavy marketing, like giving pamphlets on universities or events related to the subject and putting posters on the bus stop.

    5 - Make it national. With the results, listen to specialists that atest the improvement and give it fame.

    6 - Be creative. No more boring marches or dull protests. Some time ago, a group from Indonesia protested against the pollution in that country by stopping the transit with a giant globe.

    7 - Propose a law. Make your representatives ally the cause and grow your movement.

    8 - Ally to private interests. If companies can profit, it's easier. Want to help homeless people? Offer a constructor a business plan, with simple low-cost apartments.

    I think that's it. I guess if this post change the mind of at least one person, I'll be happy.

    The original text in portuguese was published in Superinteressante - Editora Abril, edition by Nina Weingrill, text by Andressa Rovani and illustration (not shown here =( ) by Sattu.

    P.S.: I don't know whether the magazine can sue me about publishing part of it or not. Still, the more people read this (and I'm pretty sure that american readers won't buy this edition of a Brazilian magazine), the bigger will be the effect of their ideas.

    Cool links:


    Friends of Earth: 

    UN Millenium Goals


    Web directory (LOTS of liks here)

    8 Jeitos de mudar o mundo(portuguese) 

    Fri, Dec 21, 2007  Permanent link
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