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    Is anybody here?Does anybody still using space collective?
    Did the collective disapearead or changed?
    Reply me if you are still here.
    Maybe we can do somethnig nice toghether.
    Sat, Jan 27, 2018  Permanent link

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    this begined as a respond mesage at but included some extra ideas in here so i didn't want to be wrong understand so maybe is better to read that one first but is not compulsory.

    in 1+1=3i think the third one is the imagiation.
    is in the same like ireal numbers.
    is something in deep in us that meintain the evolution and do it posible.probably is the ideea of God,the ideea that we must live and go further.the singe unknown, the only X that can remain in our ecuation forever is our person.our sistem of evolving.

    even if we know everithing ,these all thing creates in us a change,a change that is unknown for us in that second.if we fink that is posibile the only change in the universe is the change in us and we know everithing else in the second that we understand the last change we will be changed again.maybe here is the +1 in the ecuation.

    i don't know but it may be like a golden number spiral.every information can grow in a golden spiral depends how much you focuns on that subject.and all the spirals are linked like the stars in a galaxy.and the gravitation and the energy that keep them moving is our imagination,our power,our soul.the adn of this univers keep growing exact like us,we're all just fracatals in a world of fracatals.and the fractals are us,keep moving in our selfreated cityes and we try to understand the whole univers.

    is very big.we think big."love your borother like yourself" is very good in this situation.
    we must love and understand our close ones first.we must know our close univers very good and evoluate in a spiral that goes to sky literalaly .like a link of informations.

    we need to know what touch us,what is near us,what is our closenes.we need to know what that is air between us and our furniture to know the furniture composition and so one.we need to know what is between us and sun the know the information spacely fit in the univers.

    all is very simple.we must take it the way it more no less.

    we are just cels.we need to know how a cell is to understand how our whole body works.

    maybe a drawing can be good to explain this ideea.

    we will can execute teleport in the moment that we will understand more.when we will understand the entire space that separtes us and the place we want to go.
    it sounds easy.maybe is easy.we don't no untill we learn more,adapt more and go further in our imagination.

    but after or when we do the entire proces and learnig we must undersand ourself,our souls. maybe de third 1 from 1+1=3 is us.we are the element that can do something in the plaace we live we are we exist and the area we can change,modifiy,influenced is our amount of information,our golden spirals in space.if we know only a domain maybe we can see a star but we can't see the whole sky.
    Sun, Aug 15, 2010  Permanent link

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