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    Thea idea for this post begun as a response message at but it includes some extra ideas in here. I don't want to be understood wrong so maybe is better to read that one first, but is not compulsory.

    In 1+1=3i, I think the third one is the imagination.
    Is in us. Is the same situation like in ireal numbers.
    Is something in, deep in us that maintain the evolution and do it possible. Probably is the idea of God, the idea that we must live and go further. The singe unknown, the only X that can remain in our equation forever, is our person. Our system of evolving.

    Even if we know everything, these all things, creates in us a change, a change that is unknown for us in that second. If we think that is possible, the only change in the universe is the change in us and we know that everything else in the second that we understood the last change, we will be changed again. Maybe here is the extra +1 in the equation. The new learned lesson. The new bit (of information, mater or energy) that made a irreversible change(of information, mater or energy) for the moment.

    I don't know, but it may be like a golden number spiral. Every information can grow in a golden spiral depending on how much you focus on that subject. All the spirals are linked like the stars in a galaxy and the gravitation and the energy that keep them moving is our imagination, our power, our soul. The DNA of this universe keep growing exact like us, we're all just fractals in a world of fractals and the fractals are us, keeping moving in our self created cities and we try to understand the whole universe. Creating our human buildings in our own way, trying to do it according ro natures laws.

    Is very big. We think big. "love your brother like yourself" is very good in this situation.
    We must love and understand our close ones first. We must know our close universe very good and evolve in a spiral that goes to sky literally . Like a link of informations trying to comprehend and acquire everything around it.

    We need to know what touches us, what is near us, what is our closeness. We need to know what that air between us and our furniture, to know the furniture composition and so one. We need to know what is between us and sun the know the sun. How is the information, mater or energy positioned in space and how everything fit in the universe.

    all is very simple.we must take it the way it more no less.

    We are just cels. We need to know how a cell is, to understand how our whole body works.

    Maybe a drawing can be good to explain this ideea.

    We will can execute teleportation in the moment that we will understand more. When we will understand the entire space that separates us and the place we want to go.
    It sounds easy. Maybe is easy. We don't no until we don't learn more, adapt more and go further in our imagination. We must try more! We must be bold!

    But after or when we do the entire process and learning we must understand ourselves, our souls. Maybe the third 1 from 1+1=3 is us. We are the element that can do something in the place we live, we are, we exist and the area we can change, modify, influence. Is our amount of information, our golden spirals in space. If we know only a domain, maybe we can see a star but we can't see the whole sky.

    Added on 15.09.2019

    Maybe the polymath or the modern renaissance man will arrive here soon. Is has been more than 10 years and the subject is so actual. I think this will happen. The third cultural revolution or the second renaissance.
    The first one was in old Greece as we all know, second one the first renaissance and now the third one possible because a more complex context. Internet, multiculturalism, globalisation, the new emerging technologies, AR, VR and other immersive mediums that will be used to recreate our own brain (as process thinking) trough different virtual stimulation and again in our brain. The technology will help us to make order and understand our brains trough creating a pseudo reality in our conscious minds, coping the laws of our natural reality, and expose our thoughts trough physical objects and known concepts to create new ones. The first "1" is us, the second "1" is the information that already exist, and the third "1", the extra one :)) , is our new thought, the new thing that didn't existed until now.

    This is somehow what christainity , in special the ortodox one, want to learn us trough the cross sign. The long line is our life, our path, our actions, and the short one(the hands), perpendicular on our path is the world, the challenges that we encounter trough our journey. Everything we left behind (the body) is fighting to go on, to evolve, to become the better you, but is hard, the change is hard. You should walk trough fire, to walk Jesus's road to crucifix every time you want to take the big step, the leap, to go where no one has been until now, and how Jesus learned us, it is better if we do it for others. But it counts when you do it for you to :)) . The smallest line (the head) is the new us, closer to sky, closer to haven, closer to our enlightment. This is the christian point of view.

    If we take this simbolistic approach of life and add the fractal way of continuous addition, life is a never ending tree or octopus with infinite branches or tentacles. This are our ways, our decisions, our paths. But this paths are not lines, are cross, after cross, after cross. Challenge after challenge, change after change. (1Religious simbolysm + 1Fractals = understanding of our possible life paths).
    In the same time, every direction that you take, if you think it in 2d, is like a branch of crosses; but if you take this piece of paper with your drawed path, and turn it 90 dregres the whole path will become a straight line (I think a drawing will be more clarifying in this situation) , your life.

    The fact is that we don't know exactly but we can feel when something is good or wrong. When we are in the intersection of the two crossed lines, we should overcome our fears, win the interior fight and become our better selves, the new renaissance man, the new polymath.

    I belive that in the future world the polymath will be the normal way to go, and everyone will be more T shaped skilled person; everyone will be (graphic image) like the tents with a lot of diferent heights in diferent fields. But by putting all together you will can build a whole castle of energy, information and abundace.
    1+1 = 3
    3 is magic. Who want's to know more, I have a piramid of golden numbers that I can show and explain why and how.
    3 is us.

    Understand the outer world(1), + understand the inner world(1) and become what you should become, = yourself.
    Sun, Aug 15, 2010  Permanent link

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