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    Design Media Arts at UCLA
    In the 1970s space colonies were considered to be a viable alternative to a life restricted to planet Earth. The design of cylindrical space...
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    signage/wayfinding system
    Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
    the space collective is quite large, it is on the level of a space Manhattan/city or a reasonable size that requires a wayfinding system.

    physical visual clutter is a problem. for the most part this wayfinding system would not rely on physical signs. instead the system is ephemeral. this can be done in several ways: holograms, lasers, microchip implants in the brain, and most likely others.

    the wayfinding system i am interested in creating will help the person find their destination but also assist them in creating a cognitive map of that particular area in the space collective for future wayfinding on their own.

    also like NY's subway system i hope to somewhat brand the space collective.

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