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    The Koren Helmet, DMT, aliens and GOD

    The Koren Helmet is a snowmobile helmet modified in order to produce weak electromagnetic patterns that stimulate the subjects parietal and temporal lobes.Michael Persinger (winner of TVO's 2007 Big Ideas' Best Lecturer Competition) has announced that 80 per cent of his research volunteers had mini mystical experiences due to the electromagnetic patterns applied to their brains.Some of the volunteers felt a presence by their side which they perceived to be of divine nature.Other experiences included the sensation of moving through tunnels at incredible speed.Dr Persinger argues that the magnitude of the experience would be even greater for persons that were unaware that were participating in a controlled experiment. If, for example, due to temporal lobe sensitivity someone has a similar experience while they are alone in the middle of the night they may be more prone to believe that they had been visited by aliens or a divine entity.

    Another human research that produced experiences of entity contact and sensations of traveling through the universe in inconceivable speeds has been conducted by Rick Strassman in the University of New Mexico were the effects of DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine) on human consciousness were examined when DMT was injected intravenously to the research participants. Some reports mentioned entity contact upon traveling to a place that was described as a "cosmic nursery", "intergalactic station" or "white room" by different individuals where they were probed and examined by the entities in the same fashion that is reported in many alien-abduction reports. DMT is produced in the human body during birth and at the time of death and Dr Strassman supports that it is released by the pineal gland in the brain. Furthermore he holds that DMT release, when the brain beleives that death is approaching, may account for reports of near-death experiences. Pineal gland malfunction may also account for alien abduction reports. Strassmans' research is documented in his book "DMT: The spirit molecule" where he also narrates his struggle against the bureaucracy to obtain all the necessary permissions to conduct a research with an entheogenic substance on human subjects.

    Psychedelic philosopher and ethnobotanist Terrence McKenna had experimented extensively with DMT and other tryptamine based entheogens such as psilocybin containing mushrooms and has also noted the similarity between alien-abduction reports and the DMT experience. However McKenna suggests that, since DMT is the most widespread hallucinogenic substance in nature, it is very likely to have been used by an extra-terrestrial (or extra- dimensional) civilization in order to make contact with the human race. He explains that an alien race with an inconceivable level of technological sophistication would not try to make contact by invading and landing on our planet with their entire fleet of spaceships as that would be the equivalent of paying a visit to somebody by driving a tank through their door. On the other hand, given their level of sophistication, it would be far more elegant to to provide terrestrials with a means to get to them instead, through a widespread chemical substance that exploits our brains abilities to "tune-in" different dimensions.

    Terrence speaking

    We are deep in the era where the occurance of such experiences can be triggered willingly with the consumption of entheogenic substances or, as Dr. Persinger has demonstrated by bombarding areas of the brain with certain electromagnetic patterns.It remains to be seen how much more control we can have over these states and what discoveries/applications future brain (or psychedelic) research may yield.

    Shpongle : Divine Moments of Truth (DMT)

    DMT experiences at
    Terrence McKenna Land

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    cupcakewizard     Fri, Dec 28, 2007  Permanent link
    this stirs a lot of excitement in me. worthy of a much more extensive comment than this. be back soon!