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art, poetry, philosophy, psychiatry, social activism, fashion and beauty, health and nutrition, organic farming, science, technology and nature.
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    What if God disappeared?
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    From Spaceweaver
    What if God disappeared?
    From TherealGaryHill
    Gobekli Tepe
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    Smoking pots
    Smoking Shaman

    The shaman is above all a connecting figure, bridging several worlds for his people, traveling between this world, the underworld, and the heavens.
    He transforms himself into an animal and talks with ghosts, the dead, the deities, the ancestors. He dies and revives. He brings back knowledge from the shadow realm, thus linking his people to the spirits and places which were once mythically accessible to all!

    This is a replica of one of the clay pots that I painted and cut out of wood and christened into the present from the far distant past. It is an authentic replica of a ceramic pot found in the Casas Grandes region of Mexico, Southern New Mexico, SE Arizona and/or West Texas. So far, I have only painted 2, same version, but there are other styles and just as intriguing! Enjoy.

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    TherealGaryHill     Mon, Feb 16, 2009  Permanent link
    Progress is such a drag,such a misnomer !
    The ancients knew,stared straight through time.
    Out between worlds,no separation,no limits.
    we sacrifice purpose and meaning,
    for i pods & dry cleaning.
    I,you,we are time !
    We are all eternally embracing,,eternally connected,
    progress is a room full of mirrors...
    The truth is in our hearts and we should learn to listen once more.