Comment on Did You Know - SOMETIMES IT HURTS MY HEAD!

First Dark Mon, Apr 20, 2009
Though fun, lists such as this are usually full of misleading urban legends. More skepticism everyone, please!

"Golf" is not an acronym:

The "Wet your whistle" story seems to be false:

Honey may in fact spoil, depending upon what you mean by "spoil":

The story about "good night, sleep tight" is also probably false:

Coca-Cola was not originally green:

Not so sure about that "honeymoon" explanation:

Origin of "mind your P's and Q's" is certainly up to debate:

The 'Cambridge University letter ordering research' may only be somewhat true:

Oh good, looks like someone compiled a list analyzing all of these claims. Phew!:

Oh, and anything that starts out by trying to equate all of scientific understanding with Biblical claims gives up credibility by default...