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    Teleportation is finally reality?
    I'm not sure if I totally grasped this concept, but according to this episode of Tech Nation, physicists can now teleport a photon from one location to the other. It's slower than the speed of light, and limited to a small number of atoms. Based on this research, they will develop ways to teleport more and more atoms, and eventually be able to teleport molecular systems, such as DNA! Can someone simplify an explanation of the mechanics of this? Here's what I gather:

    • There is a particle or atom at location A
    • It's in sync with another particle at another location B through quantum communication
    • Particle at location A is destroyed
    • Particle at location B becomes particle that was at location A

    So if Rob Lowe was in sync with some particles on the moon, and we destroyed Rob Lowe here, he would form from the particles on the moon. But then the Rob Lowe on earth is now dead, and the Rob Lowe on the moon contains all the same memories and brain processes that the one on earth had, so who is Rob Lowe? Scientists should perform this experiment and destory the Rob Lowe here, see what happens. Here is a more detailed explanation of quantum teleportation, but I recommend listening to Michio Kaku (author of Physics of the Impossible) speak about the nature of real science reaching feats that were once only science fiction.

    Podcast show at Tech Nation

    Fri, May 9, 2008  Permanent link

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    hunter     Tue, May 13, 2008  Permanent link
    If they would transport you, is it still the same you?

    One possible scenario: you get on a teleportation platform, they distroy your particles and you are dead. The fact that at virtually the same point onethr human would be created who would have the your body, your memories, even your personality and would continue to live your life as if s/he were you wouldn't really mean a lot to you, cause you would be dead, and completely unaware of this person's life after the teleportation.