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    Does the concept of a god/creator have any meaning?
    As mankind continues to explore the cosmos, does the concept of a god/creator have any meaning in that exploration? Are we to be inundated with quotes from the bible, especially Genesis with each new discovery or landing on an extraterrestrial planet? Or is the reality of such primitive superstitions as a god/creator going to be finally jettisoned along with other superstitions as humans evolve?

    Being an atheist, I find that religion has been the bane of humanity. It has been the cause of millions of deaths and exploitation of the earth's resources. Where the bible says "be fruitful and multiply" we are now faced with the reality of those beliefs. Mass starvation and food shortages is a very distinct possibility in the near future.

    That is not to say that science hasn't had its share of negative causal effects on humanity, it has. But for the most part if science is left to its investigations without "military" minds looking over the shoulders of those who are investigating new concepts, and "military applications" are not a priority in those investigations, then positive applications can be discovered that would benefit the earth and all living beings on our planet.

    We must move beyond superstition and in to a new age where science is viewed as benefiting all living beings. That is not to say science and its leaders become the new religion and the new high priests, supplanting old superstitions of religion with new orthodoxies equally restricting or dogmatic.

    We must evolve, and so in our evolutionary process, do we need to believe in a god/creator?

    I await your comments

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    joonas     Thu, Jun 5, 2008  Permanent link
    As in, no, we don't need to believe in a god/creator.

    I can't say for sure, of course (I'm mildly sure), but every religion sets the believer some kind of boundaries and principals to follow and for proper evolution, blindly following a set of rules that someone hallucinated up in a cave hardly does any good.