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    I was tought by a book that words themselves have no meaning, and that wisdom is contained in direct experience.
    I needed to elaborate to understand the truth in this. So I thought about what are the components and intentions behind language.

    We use language as a tool to express the meaning of things, and conversation as a way of immersing your subject in the experience of meaning. The poet is not merely one who has a gift for expressing things beautifully, but one who has the ability to submerge himself in experience, to imagine and be subjective to the beauty and wholeness of reality. Who's mind is capable of the most divine form: creation. Creation meaning 'causing to exist'.

    Therefore a poet could be one who never writes a stanza, or ballad or lymrick. The poet is someone who creates and has the ability to express it wholely. To communicate in the most effective way, the experience of an idea. To be so open to connection that his presence connects others.

    The poet is a god, and we are all gods.

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