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    From wwayneee's personal cargo

    Project 2: Phase 5 - Ummts Ummts Ummts
    Project: Emergence and Navigating Space
    The phase 5 / presentation build of the program:

    The program is a music visualiser that responses to music frequency and beat. The tiles "bounce" depending on the frequency (the faster the music, the bigger the movement on the z-axis). The colors of the tiles respond to the beat (each time a beat is detected, the color hue advances slightly in the spectrum). When the user interacts with the tiles, the tiles are "energized" and this energized state is highlighted by the white glow and amplified movement. The energy of each tile fades over time. As a bonus, the tiles flip either horizontally or vertically if the programming picks up quick flicks from the user. In addition to the visual interactions, the program can be controlled by an array of keyboard commands (scrub track, next track, toggle touch, toggle fade function, display track, copyright information, etc). Check out the high resolution images for a closer look.

    Note: Working on movie capture, the program seems to be shy.

    Finally, I'd like to thank Prof. Casey Reas for another intense but exhilarating quarter working with code. And of course, most of all, for not being mad when I spilled an entire cup of coffee (dark with a touch of half-and-half) in the computer lab. Yikes.

    Download Program:

    Tracks used in the program are by Daft Punk from their Alive 2007 album.

    Windows (102.95 MB)
    Mac OS X (102.75 MB)

    Keyboard Command:
    Q - Toggle Cursor Touch
    F - Toggle Fade-In / Fade-Out
    S - Toggle UI Display
    R - New Tile Plain
    T - Show Current Track
    P - Show Track Progress
    N - Next Track
    M - Mute
    > - Fast Forward
    + - Increase Tile Amp
    - - Decrease Tile Amp
    C - Copyright Information
    SPACE - Take Screenshot

    High Resolution Images (click to open in new window)

    Sun, Mar 23, 2008  Permanent link

    Sent to project: Emergence and Navigating Space
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    etaymor     Sun, Mar 23, 2008  Permanent link
    This visualization not only looks really good and fits the music really well, but the amount of detail you put in is really incredible. Of course, it is to be expected with the great Wayne Fan, but even without all the added UI and whatnot it would be a very successful program. Congratulations on another terrific piece, Wayne.

    Your documentation is also really remarkable. I think it is a very good example to all of us as to how documentation should be done.

    Great work!